For starters, I did not expect to begin the new year with somebody very special, but I did. So counting down to the new year was particularly cherished. Mr Right or not I don’t know yet, but there’s a big possibility. 

Every new year, we’ll think about resolutions, what to change, what to work on, what to be… oh so many. This year, I’ve decided, no fancy new year resolutions. Still fresh in my career, I need to put my heart and soul into my career and the rest, will go with the flow. It has been a fantastic 6 months with the bank. I have been so fortunate to have colleagues who are so helpful at work, so willing to guide me and tell me everything they know. This route I’ve taken was not planned. But I’ve certainly taken an interest in whatever I am doing now. 

I wish everyone had a great start to 2011 and good fortune and health to follow!


How’s working life been?

I’ve been part of the “Raffles crowd” for 4 weeks now. When they told me that this was going to be a new chapter of my life, I didn’t think it would be, only because I’ve done internships before. However, reality never fails to eventually sink in. I would never be going back to school again, nor be able to take really long holidays. But I must say I’m very keen to learn in this banking career. I can’t say for sure banking is what I’m going to be doing 10 years down the road, but it is definitely a worthwhile experience. 

Next week my relatives from Brunei are coming to town, I can’t wait to have the long weekend to take them around the new happenings in town. It would be a good short breather for me after one month of training!

Never forget that warm smile

With dad busy entertaining clients from abroad over father’s day weekend, I woke up and sent him an sms wishing him a happy father’s day. News came in later in the evening that one of my uncles has just passed away. I was awfully saddened by the news. He was definitely the uncle with the warmest and most sincere smile. And I always admired how he was ever so doting towards his wife. Trust me, my aunty, nice but not exactly the easiest wife to get along with. My only regret is not having the chance to interact with him as much as I would have liked to. But this man surely showed me how a man could love a woman. 

Uncle Patrick, thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for that warm smile in a world full of hypocrisy and  thank you for loving my aunty the best way you knew how.

About sex, about love

I always seemed to savour every moment of SATC (short for Sex and the City). The movie was just too good for me. Could have been the beautiful sights of countries all over, could have been the dream-bound wardrobe of the lucky 4 sexy americans. Many complain about the brainless, meaningless storyline. I would argue that SATC do have a few takeaway points serving as reminders for us human beings who often take “love” forgranted. 

As we witness Carrie.B searching for her old self and frantically trying to find the flavour in her marriage to Mr. Big, we are reminded that every couple would reach a certain stage where they would feel lost because the romance that they initially found in each other was no longer the same romance. Tongue-tied, passionate, overwhelming kisses of love turned to hormone-responding obligatory kisses. TV time which were never actually TV time but foreplay in the works turned to bedtime stories. I suppose it helps to understand that the nerves, the pleasing, the teasing, might not be so observable years down a relationship, but the love has grown stronger, only because if you look closer at those “bedtime stories” and “hormone-responding kisses”, you are able to be that comfortable with a person who was once a stranger to you, and be happy that you are able to share the couch with that person. And this kind of romance, is as beautiful as those we find on our first dates.

Now, time for a little confession. I have been repeatedly guilty of backing out from 2 year long relationships. And the reason? The excitement and the intensity of the relationship disappeared and I panicked. I could not bear to imagine that at the age of 22, with many more decades to go, I would never be allowed to experience the nerves again. But now and then, I miss the comfort that could only be harvested after a long period of dating somebody! Till I find that person again, I shall enjoy the freedom packaged with youth, the chases, the hardcore romancing, the bbms and whatsapp (youngsters these days…) and the anticipation of finding my very own Mr. Big.

No more school, no more homework

5th of May marked the wrapping up of my study career. Prior to that, I was eagerly anticipating the days to come after the examinations where I would have no deadlines to worry about, no 9 am classes, no seminar preparations. Today, I find myself feeling liberated, at the same time, aimless. While most of my coursemates have found some good career opportunities, I am still undecided. Problem is, I find myself more inclined to setting up my own business. It doesn’t have to be massive, something small and something that I enjoy doing. While I seem to be taking the time to think about what I really want to do, the parents are pushing me to pursue a career in the media. Though the final decision lies with me, I hope God will guide and steer me in the right direction.

Resorts World

I must have been out of my mind when I decided to pay a visit to Resorts World in the middle of a work week. With 3 research papers and examinations just a few weeks away, I really should have been dedicating my time to my books. But it was an eye opener, especially since it was my maiden visit to a casino. Also, I quickly purchased some camis and an extremely nice smelling body lotion from Victoria’s Secret. The trip to Resorts World did not cost much with my incredible luck at the Roulette table. You can call it either beginner’s or lady’s luck. 🙂

I’m throwing on my Louboutins

Went on a crazy spree in Taka today and in the bag was a beautiful beautiful pair of nude peep toe heels from Christian Louboutin. You know what they say, a pair of nude pumps or heels is an absolute necessity.